We work with our customers and their outside designers to design, engineer, and produce custom programs to their specifications and economic, aesthetic, and performance requirements.  Our strength is in engineering for value while preserving the design intent.  Our product expertise encompasses panel systems, case goods, free-standing fixture systems, perimeter systems, tables, counters, and mill work.  We have developed proprietary products in several areas, including stainless steel frame showcases, security cases, and systems, and factory-built center-floor and perimeter wall systems.


We work in virtually all materials and components, including wood (mdf, particle board, solid with laminate, melamine, veneered, painted, or stained surfaces), steel, aluminum, glass, acrylic, and specialty materials and components.

Service Model

Our strategy is to build our organization and service capabilities around the needs of a short list of customers.  We are able to integrate and provide effectively everything from design/development assistance to value analysis to engineering to prototyping to offshore sourcing to production to inventory management to shipping to field service -- as much or as little as the customer needs.

  • Needs definition
  • Design/engineer for value
  • Prototype/render
  • Source and manage internal logistics
  • Fabricate
  • Warehouse and manage inventories
  • Ship and provide logistic support
  • Field service -- issue resolution, install and maintain/refresh
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