We build a deep understanding of customer organizations and processes and build our organization around theirs.  Customer comments: "easy to work with", "blur the line between supplier and one of us", "help us manage our process, don't require 'baby sitting'", "flexible". 

Engineer for Value

Our proven VA/VE process enables us to help customers realize significant, continual cost reductions.  Customer comments:  "cost competitive, good at reducing product and field costs".

Reliable Performance

Our "never give up" attitude towards large projects with tight lead times give customers confidence that we will deliver on their most visible, challenging projects.  Customer comments:  "know we can count on Amstore".

Manage Complexity

We excel at the most complicated, messy, dynamic projects; it's what allows our capacity, flexibility, and detail orientation to shine through.

People & Culture

Values, experience, and loyalty -- that's what our people embody, and that's what makes the difference.

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