To be as fast and flexible as our customers need us to be, we are constantly refining a quality system that is robust without being bureaucratic.

    • Engineering: Each fixture is engineered to meet or exceed specifications and quality standards. We document quality standards on a quality check sheet. Units are drawn in 3-D and checked for component compatibility.
    • Testing: We conduct physical testing (load bearing capability, abrasion resistance, color fastness, etc.) on any unit where it is relevant. We obtain outside certification (UL, seismic) when it is required.
    • First part approval: We build a first part/manufacturing prototype using the materials, equipment, and people we will use for the production run. We review the unit and decide on any changes or improvements. These gen erate engineering change orders, which update the engineering paper work and revise the quality check sheet. We then “freeze” and control downloading of machine programs and printing of documents for units updated on engineering change orders.
    • Production: Machine operators check each unit against the drawings, and assemblers check against the quality check sheets. Quality leaders in each department and in audit this process and spot check parts.
    • Shipping: We check items and quantities against the shipping paperwork when items are pulled, staged, and loaded.
    • Corrective action: We conduct root cause analysis of quality problems, take corrective action, and post and discuss our progress against our quality goal.
    • Suppliers: Materials and Quality team members visit and audit suppliers. We visit offshore suppliers during each major program or rollout. We check incoming parts against part drawings and purchase orders and track and chart the quality of our suppliers, and initiative corrective action where needed.
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